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We are the leading trade association for America’s ethanol industry, driving growth in sustainable renewable fuels and bioproducts for a better future.  Our vision is to help the world by unlocking the power of renewable fuels and bioproducts.


RFA Philosophy

Creating opportunity and driving growth for America’s ethanol industry

Since 1981, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has been helping Americans have more affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly fuel for their cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and engines of all kinds.


As the authoritative voice of the U.S. ethanol industry, RFA helps America become cleaner, safer, and more energy independent.


In creating a forum for ethanol producers and industry stakeholders, RFA has achieved an unequaled record of results through action, advocacy and analysis.


With the most experienced staff in the industry, the RFA provides timely, comprehensive industry information to our members, Congress, federal and state government agencies, fuel marketers and retailers, strategic partners, the media and other industry leaders.


RFA has been the renewable fuel industry’s most effective advocate for expanding the market for ethanol.


RFA Core Values

Through tireless advocacy, effective outreach and education, and sound research and analysis, we’re paving the road to a bright future for ethanol.


We are Visionary
  • We are forward-looking, resourceful and proactive leaders unifying the industry.
  • We drive advocacy and research resulting in new ideas and innovative solutions.
  • We are leading the evolution of a sustainable renewable fuels industry.


We are Credible
  • We are a trusted source of scientific and technical expertise to support decision-making and consensus building.
  • We are committed to accurate, data-driven advocacy delivering real value to our members and the public.
  • We build effective internal and external partnerships based on trust, respect, and integrity.


We are Responsible
  • We are committed to protecting and promoting America’s prosperity, energy security, and environmental health. 
  • We drive ecologically sound, efficient, and safe industry practices. 
  • We are good stewards who strive to make the world a better place for future generations.



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RFA History

Founded in 1981, the RFA has been the leading voice of the renewable fuel industry. 


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